Therapy Service

Outpatient Therapy

United Services for Children offers outpatient therapy through its new program, Uncommon Grace Pediatric Therapy. Our outpatient program delivers physical, speech, occupational therapy and feeding therapy in group and individual settings for children ages birth through 8 years old. Uncommon Grace Pediatric Therapy accepts Medicaid and most major insurance carriers. Visit the Uncommon Grace Pediatric Therapy website for more information. 


Pediatric Therapy Services

We provide pediatric therapy services to children six weeks to Kindergarten.

The therapists at United Services provide a wide variety of services, including speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Helping children develop their gross motor, fine motor or speech and language skills are the goals of our expert therapists. In other words, they teach our kids how to talk, walk, play, listen, run and jump! 

For babies and toddlers, therapy services are provided in the home or in our Extended Care setting. For those children enrolled in Early Childhood Special Education, therapies are many times provided in the classroom setting. 

For more information on various types of pediatric therapy services, contact the following department managers: 

Speech Therapy: Fosters the development of effective communications skills. Call Karen Kulengowski at 636-926-2700, ext. 751. 

Occupational Therapy: Helps facilitate a child's fine motor manipulation, visual perception, sensory processing skills, eye-hand coordination and feeding skills. Call Leslie Tucker at 636-926-2700, ext. 710. 

Physical Therapy: Assists in the improvement of a child's gross motor skills to enhance independent mobility, balance and coordination. Call Leslie Tucker at 636-926-2700, ext. 710.