Current Curriculum

Curriculum Overview


The most important function of our curriculum is to develop your child’s excitement, confidence and joy in learning.  We will be teaching your child how to learn, which will impact attitudes toward learning throughout life.  We value play as a vehicle to understanding the world by challenging your child to question, hypothesize, wonder, predict and investigate.  It also means supporting your child to take initiative, accept responsibility, feel confident and have a sense of belonging.  We will encourage active learning in which your child is immersed in their own interests and discoveries as they poses questions and discovers answers with the teacher as a “tour guide.”  Children then begin to see themselves as explorers, discovers, problem solvers and inventors.  Your child will be applying knowledge and developing skills in purposeful ways. We value and honor these rights of young children.  


The curriculum of United Services is based on the following research-based theories and practices:


CONSTRUCTIVIST THEORY:  Children construct their own knowledge and  values as a result of interactions with peers, parents and other adults and through active exploration of the physical and social world. 


DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE PRACTICES: Teaching young children in ways that meet them where they are, as individuals and as a group; and help each child reach challenging and achievable goals. These form a framework for “best practices” in the education of young children. 


MISSOURI EARLY LEARNING STANDARDS:  Broad descriptions organized  into learning domains (i.e social and emotional, mathematics, science, literacy, physical development, health and safety), which identify what children should know and be able to do when they enter Kindergarten. 


BEST PRACTICES IN EARLY CARE AND EDUCATION (AS REFLECTED IN THE NAEYC STANDARDS):  Principles of teaching that are grounded in research on child development that promote young children’s optimal learning and development. 


Our curriculum includes all areas of child development: 


Social Skills:  Through our social skills curriculum, Paws’ Laws, we encourage self-esteem, pride in accomplishments and cooperation in relationships with friends and teachers.  Your child will become a vital member of his classroom  community. 


Literacy and Language:  We encourage communication (speaking, listening, and self-expression) and a love of books by providing experiences through reading, story extending activities and dramatic play.  Your child will explore the sounds of language with songs, finger plays, rhyming words, and letter sounds each day, and will begin to understand that written words have meaning and recognize and identify symbols, letters and sounds. 


Math, Social Studies, Science:  We teach your child to think, reason and question through hands-on experiences and build academic skills around the ideas of patterns and relationships, numbers, and matching. Your child will learn about his/her world through experiments, technology, and the five senses. 


Arts:  Your child will be introduced to the arts through a variety of media and cultures.  This will include music, movement, drama, art, cooking and construction. 


Physical and Fine Motor Development:  We will support your child’s gross motor skill development by focusing on movement, balance and coordination.  Your child will practice fine motor skills through drawing, cutting, and writing (shapes and letters). 


Healthy Living Practices: Your child will develop healthy living practices as he is exposed to concepts in health, safety and nutrition.  In addition, your child will participate in POWER KIDZ, our own health and fitness initiative designed by  on-staff therapists. 


Good self-esteem, confidence, and willingness to try new things are some of the results we expect and see on a daily basis.  The classroom environment becomes a community of supportive learners, allowing children opportunities to construct their own understandings.


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Paws' Laws is a positive behavioral support program that teaches children to "be safe, be kind and be responsible." The children of Room 516 created this PowerPoint slideshow to explain what Paws' Laws is all about. The voices heard belong to the students.