Paws' Laws

Paws’ Laws


paws lawsPositive Behavior Support Program

Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is a framework for facilitating appropriate behavior by teaching, practicing, reinforcing and monitoring expected behaviors. Behavioral expectations will be consistently and clearly communicated to staff, parents and children. The purpose of PBS is to provide a safe learning environment for children as well as to teach children the social skills they will need to be successful at United Services and to later become an integral member of their community. The utilizations of PBS agency-wide will assist our staff in accomplishing the agency mission of preparing children of all abilities to reach their full potential.


What does PBS look like at United Services?

United Services for Children has adopted a unified set of school-wide behavior expectations. To help staff present rules to the children we involved our new tiger mascot, Paws. The PBS rules are called Paws’ Laws. Paws is a kid-friendly approach to present the rules/expectations to the children at United Services. Paws’ Laws will be displayed around the school and taught to the children in all school settings.


Paws’ Laws:

Be Safe

Be Kind

Be Responsible


How will PBS be taught?

United Services teachers will show children how to follow Paws’ Laws by:

  • Teaching expectations
  • Modeling expectations
  • Practicing expectations
  • Reinforcing appropriate behaviors
  • Reviewing expectations often