The Impact of United Services



Parent Voices

The comments below come from parents who enrolled their children in our full-day and half-day preschool programs. The parents were surveyed as part of our funding through the Developmental Disabilities Resource Board. These are direct quotes from the parent survey.


“My children are adopted and have emotional issues. This school has been a God-send! Both boys are thriving and love it there! All the teachers are great!”


“The staff here is phenomenal!  I can't think of any place I would rather take my child. Thank you for all of your hard work and love for my child.”


“We love all of the teachers but have to especially thank Miss Donna for her energy and humor taking care of our son every morning. We also love Miss Bev who is not either of the boys' teachers, but she continues to show care and love for our family.  And finally, Miss Sarah­­—she is so creative and I know our son has so much fun learning at school!”


“My daughter looks forward to coming to school, she loves her teachers. She has learned so much and can already read!”


“I’m impressed every week by how much each staff member cares for all the kids. Even if they do not know the child, they interact and treat each as they are the most special kid! The many people/staff that greets my child BY NAME and I did not know them/did not know they knew my son.  Very nice!”


“My child has been enrolled at United Services for three years. NOT ONCE have I worried about the care she has been given.”


“We could never imagine our child being better taken care of anywhere else! Everyone my son has come in contact with has been an absolute Godsend! Much love and many thanks!”


“We love US. The kids are learning so much and it is great to see them advance. The teachers take a genuine interest in the kids and interaction with parents. We also love that the classes are integrated -- creates a great learning experience.”


“We have two children enrolled at US and will soon have a 3rd. We are completely satisfied with US and have recommended the preschool to friends. Our children have loved their time at US and most impart to the great teachers.”


“Love the summer program (this past summer).”


“The teachers in 501 are outstanding. My son is receiving a high quality level of care and education!”


“You have excellent staff!  Thank you for hiring such wonderful, caring individuals...this is most important!”


“I've been pleased with the variety of activities my son is able to participate in. Daily projects are creative. Keep it up!”


“Thank you for having a nurse full time on staff.”


“I love that EVERYONE knows my child's name!”


“EVERY staff member is helpful and pleasant.”


Economic Impact

Since the founding of United Services in 1975, the agency has provided early intervention services to thousands of preschoolers in our region. The financial savings realized by the community at large by providing programs and therapies prior to the student entering kindergarten has been astounding. Part of the savings is realized in a dramatic reduction in the number of students who attend the Boonslick State School, The cost to the state per student at Boonslick ($8,587) versus the cost to educate the same child at United Services ($6,856) is notable. It is evident that United Services is consistently lower in overall cost. 

Social Impact

In addition to the financial benefits seen by providing these programs at United Services, the social outcomes have left an even more important benefit. The programs at United Services are provided in an inclusive environment, meaning children with special needs are included in the same classroom as their typically developing peers. Both learn from the other, the child with special needs learns to imitate the social behaviors of their typically developing peers who in turn learn to accept their friends who may act, look or learn differently. The acceptance and compassion that is part and parcel of the agency's core will mean that generations of students will be more accepting and will have a greater understanding of those who are different than themselves... and THAT may be the best lesson we can teach anyone!